Why work with Jamie?

From a stuttering high school dropout to the founder of multiple agencies, clothing brands and software companies, Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specialises in assisting business owners in generating customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind, he places a high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena.

  • Generated customers online in over 100 different industries
  • Built multiple global market companies including, marketing agency, a software company and a fashion brand
  • Over nine years experience in digital marketing, sales and hyper-growth strategies
  • Worked personally with hundreds of peers to grow them beyond the high 6 figure level
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The Invisible Pitch 2.0

A powerful script that is responsible for over $300,000+ in sales through manual cold outreach to book 4 to 12 calls per day to sell products and services ranging from $47 to $6,0000.

  • The Invisible Pitch 2.0 Training Video so that you can begin booking 20 to 30 sales calls every week without any advertising.
  • 11x pages of swipe files that you can COPY + PASTE + DEPLOY that have generated over $300,000 from cold emails, Facebook posts, forums and Linkedin messages.
  • Fill In The Blank Templates that you can use to create your Invisible Pitch within 7 minutes to begin generating sale call appointments TODAY

“The Invisible Pitch is by far THE BEST way to generate a large number of sales within 24 hours through social media with little to no downside.

“We Use The Invisible Pitch to book six sales calls every day, each week, for the last four months and counting.

“For teaching me everything I know – Make the opportunity to be able to work with him”. – Rebecca

“If you have time to work closely with Jamie, Jamie Stenhouse is THE mentor.”  – David

“He comes up with really simple solutions to complex problems” – Sue-Ellen

Dream Team Intensive

Build a high performing virtual team in 35 days to book sales calls and deliver client work.

Are you a marketer who feels trapped in their business? Tired of being a one-man band?

Knowing that you can provide ground-breaking strategies and results for clients but are in the constant cycle of chasing sales and putting out client fires?

Would you rather be working on the business instead of being stuck in the grind of daily busy work?

The Dream Team Intensive is your way out. It’s your way to build a streamlined Ferrari like a business where you can scale faster while your team creates raving fan clients.

Imagine waking up each morning and seeing all the work your team has done while you sleep. Discover the freedom of receiving a daily report that your team has gone out into the world, prospected, screen and booked 12 new sales calls for you, every day.

  1. Build a virtual outreach team to automatically book high-quality sales calls for you every day.
  2. Build a service delivery team to do ALL the work for your new clients without the stress of re-doing it yourself
  3. Automate the workflow, remove friction for yourself and the team so you can focus on business development and expanding your empire knowing you’ve got a team to support you.

“Helped me map out the full strategy and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.” – Monty

“He is so genuine and authentic. He pushes my limits in the sense of going towards my goals” – Georgina

“He’ll give you advice on what’s best. He’s a Magician. I’ve with Jamie for over a year now” – Emma

“I’ve been working with Jamie for over 2 years. His insights into running and managing teams – I Couldn’t be where I am today without Jamie” – Jason

“Helped me to start thinking in different ways and coming up with solutions that are working” – Kat

Dream Team Elevation

Scale your business beyond $30,000 recurring per month, automate your workload and optimise life to begin living in the next level

Are you an entrepreneur who has an established business that is running but is still attached to your time, your energy and your ideas?

Knowing that at any given moment you can go out there into the marketplace, close a new influx of clients but are holding back because of the added demand its going to bring to your team and yourself. Dream Team Elevation is Jamie’s signature $54,000 yearly program designed for change and progression.

Would you rather be creating new products for your business or travelling the world of doing your passion projects and side hustles full time – All the meanwhile your current team continues to manage your business for you?

Building on the principles of The Dream Team Intensive we now we now turn our attention towards automating every aspect of your business and streamlining your life for optimal output, minimal work Work just happens, ideas are executed and the ultimate vision for your life come together. Imagine progressing more in 12 months than you have in the last 6 years.

  1. Design and build designated teams to support your lifestyle goals and creative endeavours
  2. Fasttrack your business revenue to an easy and automated $30,000+ per month that comes in like clockwork without you.
  3. Automate the workflow, remove friction for yourself and the team to pursue other passions or scale the business further towards $100,000 p/m