You’re ONE STEP Away From Building
The Automated Business Machine.

Create Saleable Business You’ve Always Wanted That Runs Without You.
Without The Hustle, Stress & Sacrifice You Thought You Needed To Achieve It


From The Desk of Jamie Stenhouse,
Adelaide, Australia.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants more out of life. More freedom. More revenue. More clarity! Then this might be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Because I’m about to show you the most powerful discovery I’ve ever made when it comes to creating a business of “More”… WITHOUT the stress, overwhelm, or sacrifice most people think you need to achieve it. Success Is NOT Incremental…

It’s Exponential


When I first started my marketing business in 2009, I thought the only way to succeed was working NONSTOP and just accepting the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that comes with it.

Ah yes… The 18-hour workdays that I bragged about. Skipping the gym. Putting off nights out with the boys and avoiding holidays overseas. Grinding away on the weekends hoping “someday” things will get better.

Then the older my business got the more I was forced to take a step back, get out of the weeds, and accidentally stumbled across ONE THING that sky-rocketed my business success.


The ONE THING That Completely Transformed My Lifestyle


I went from hustling away for 16 hours a day, to working less than 5 hours a week while earning over 400% more. I went from struggling to find new clients, to having too many referrals and leads to manage. And the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm have COMPLETELY melted away.

What’s changed? Simple. I found my “ONE THING.” Let me explain…


You’re Only ONE THING Away From Building Automated The Business Machine You Want


What I’ve come to realize is, after working with hundreds of clients over the last 8+ years, the success you want doesn’t need to be some day far off in the distant future…

I’ve built multiple companies, brands and projects that have quickly exploded beyond the multiple 6+ figure mark by short cutting the typical step by step growth strategies that many of us have been led to believe….

The clients you want, the brand you want to have, all of this does not have to come with time. It can happen in the next 30 days with a correct “one thing” strategy. Most people are only ONE THING away from a massive breakthrough that instantly catapults their business, personal income, or lifestyle to the next level.

What is this ONE THING?

It’s that insight. That “Aha!” epiphany. That singular moment where everything *CLICKS* changing your life in an instant. What I’ve come to realize is, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t be) stressing away, overwhelmed, working on a thousand different things at once.


Imagine What Would Happen If You Found


Imagine how your life would change…If you had a new-found sense of CLARITY, knowing exactly what you needed to work on to be effortlessly successful. Success doesn’t need to take a long time. It doesn’t need to be incremental. Don’t be like the fly who keeps ramming his head into the window repeatedly trying to break free…

Just open the damn window!

But as I’m sure you’ve realized, finding out what that One Thing is, can be damn hard! I mean, they call it a blind spot for a reason. Lucky for you…


I’m Going To Find Your ONE THING For You!


Instead of walking through life, constantly wondering if you’re working too hard, or spending too much times on things you shouldn’t be.  I’ve brought multiple businesses to market, all of which have been extremely profitable.

I’ve been behind wildly successful product launches which have seen returns of over 6800% in a matter of weeks. I’ve worked 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses to generate customers online.

More than likely, I’ve helped a business to push a product which you’ve problem brought I can lead you, but I cannot do it for you. It’s all on you. I don’t work with people who don’t apply, I don’t want to see my genius wasted on talkers.


I’m looking to work with doers, people who will take advice, apply action, create profit and repeat


You need to be open minded and teachable. I’m not going to feed you bad advice, everything I teach will either be from my experience or tested and proven best practice.

This is more than a marketing mentorship. I will suggest changes to your product or service that I feel will increase your revenue. I will show you what your business could be doing, where there is a gap in the market and where you can capture your competitor’s customers.

I will coach you through any mental challengers or doubts you may come across, we all struggle from time to time with self-doubts. Having worked across 100+ different industries I can provide you with clarity on the source of the doubt, clear it and show you how to profit from it.

And yes, I will mentor you through the world’s best marketing strategies, campaigns and tactics that will grow your business.

Here’s how it works.


We’ll jump on a video call and de-construct your entire business: Your clients, your marketing, your offer and your funnel. And we’ll uncover the roadblocks using my 8+ years’ experience generating customers online in over 100+ different industries.

Then I’ll ask you to dream even bigger, dive deeper, and see what’s behind those goals, creating a custom-tailored game plan to help you achieve it. But most importantly… Making sure to do it in a balanced, elegant way, where you’re growing in EVERY area of your life without the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

You’ll get access to my full knowledge and expertise – This is a no bar’s hold mentorship, consider me your teacher, business partner and ally. Every week we will work through and towards your ONE THING until you hit your goal. I’ll be working with you to remove friction and roadblocks that may be slowing you down.


My goal from this program is to ensure that you are:

  1. Growing your profits every month by maximizing every stage of your business without increasing your costs.
  2. Make your life easier by giving you direct answers and clarity to execute and win. No more confusion no more delays.
  3. Make the entire process effortless and leveraged. (1 hour of work should equal 10 hours of growth / sales / progress.)
  4. Optimise your life to ensure you’re doing what’s right for where you want to be, not where the marketplace wants you to be.

If this resonates with you on any level then click here to apply for a free strategy session with me today.  And if you qualify, you’ll work directly with myself, at no cost to you, uncovering your blind spots, clarifying your goals, and building a custom-tailored game plan for success.