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Here's How To Quickly Create The Outline For Your Online Courses, Live Events, Coaching Programs Without Overwhelming Yourself Or Your Student

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  • The 7 Page Product Planner That We Use To Craft Events, Online Courses And Coaching Programs That Generate Success Stories
  • 17 Best-Seller Profiling Questions To Help You Narrow Down On Your Ideal Customer Before You Start Marketing
  • The Customer Journey Timeline That Helps You Sequence And Framework Your Content Like Never Before
  • 6 Point Conversion Booster Checklist To Help You Increase Conversions When It Comes Time To Launch And Sell-Out Your Program

Go through this planner every time you want to
create a best-selling online course, live event or coaching
program to ensure a simple step by step creation of your
program that customers actually get results from!

After creating and launching dozens of Online Courses, Events, Coaching and Mentoring Programs (both for my own businesses and for clients) I have designed a process for creating programs that keeps customers engaged, generates them quick results and cultivates a stream of referrals after they've completed it.

When I finished designing this planner, I was left with a simple, easy to follow template that incorporated all of the best program creation practices.

This planner allows myself and my clients to quickly design programs that generate customer success stories by focusing on the customer journey through the program, rather than overloading the customer with information.

Saving us time…
Helping our students quicker…
And growing our business faster than ever before!


  • A quick approach to planning programs that doesn't take days or even weeks
  • A systemized template to help organize your program outline and content
  • Avoid the potentially-embarrassing “rookie” mistakes of over loading your customer with information rather than results
  • Reduce the overwhelm and stress that comes with content creation
  • Create back to back sell-out programs that continually generate success stories

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Add To CartSPECIAL: Only 1x easy payment of $32