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5 Reasons Why Most Launches Fail


I’ve launched many online course, live events and coaching programs for both myself and my clients. A lot of them do really well and we usually sell out or meet the target. However, I’ve witnessed a lot of launches fail when certain speakers, trainers and coaches try to go at it on their own. There could be a lot of reasons for a failed launch, usually it’s a collection of a lot of small reasons but below are the big 5 underlying problems that I’ve discovered why launches fail. This is taken from both my own learning curves and simply […]

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4 Profitable Targeting Options To Copy For Your Next Facebook Campaign


In this previous post I explained How To Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Advert For Less by using my 3x headline templates. In this post I want to break down my standard targeting practice for almost every big budget and wide spread Facebook campaign I manage. Just to clarify, when I say wide spread in terms of Facebook advertising, I am referring to capturing the attention of as many possible prospects at once rather than trying to niche down. The benefits to this include a higher traffic flow into your campaign and more tangible data / stats to work with across 4 […]

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How To Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Advert For Less


There are many factors that can influence the success of your Facebook campaign at any given time. These range from the image, the targeting, the copy, the placement, the bid price and so on. However one element that usually gets overlooked and rarely split-tested is the headline. While the headline is not the largest attention grabber for a prospect within the newsfeed or even the right hand column, it does tell them what to expect before they click through. When I’m talking about the headline, I’m referring to this section here: Here’s why the headline matters. A strong headline for […]

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