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4 Questions To Help You Design Your Next Live Event, Online Course Or Coaching Program


As a speaker, trainer and coach there are many different programs that you can run to spread your message while be financially rewarded at the same time. These can range from live events, to online courses right down to coaching programs. While you may love the idea of teaching through one or all of these platforms you may be feeling stuck about how to begin designing your content for such a program. There are many ways to begin designing the framework for your live course, coaching program or online course. From my own experience the below 4 questions serve as guidance […]

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Always Do The Work Because It is “Easy”


I feel, in this hyper connected front that there are too many people seeking permission and validation from their marketplace, mentors and customers. Act through your intentions and if it’s congruent, those that resonate on any level with will fall in line and follow your lead. Those who don’t respond leave them behind, keep moving forward, acting through your intention, staying congruent, remaining free of the outcome and always, always doing the ‘work’ All work is easy. The work itself is seductively easy. You probably know what you should be doing in order to get to where you want to […]

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Business Entrepreneurship

Avoid Being Seen As A “Hype-brand” & Embrace the Marketing Low


I’m always generating new marketing concepts that I pull from real life. This is one of them that came to me over the weekend so site tight with me while I talk it out with you here 🙂   You need the marketing LOW to amplify the marketing HIGH. This concept that came to me when a close friend of mine was laughing at a certain event promoter’s campaign. When I looked at it, she was right. It all sounded very hypey. I looked at the last event they were promoting, it also sounded hypey. Looked back a little bit […]

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The 5 Year Lessons


This week marked my 5th year in business. Wow, just wow. A lot of mixed feelings come across when I think about this achievement. One: Time passes quickly. Two: I’m not where I thought I would be. They say something like 95% of businesses never make it past the 5 year mark, they usually end up broke or closed down. I’m not going to lie, there have been moments at the beginning where I simply wanted to pack up and leave – But what really is the alternative? Work for somebody else and lose my creative freedom. No thanks. I […]

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Why I threw my TV off a balcony


I threw my TV off a balcony in 2011 once a friend once told me that watching TV costs the average person $40,000 per year. Looking back on that conversation, I’m grateful that he told me. although I’m not quite sure how he got to that number…. I assumed it was the amount of hours spent watching TV X my hourly wage at the time? I recently developed my own scary formula to discover how much any time wasting activity is costing me and shared it on my facebook profile today. It’s pretty intense. Time spend doing activity X $current per […]

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