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5 Reasons Why Most Launches Fail


I’ve launched many online course, live events and coaching programs for both myself and my clients. A lot of them do really well and we usually sell out or meet the target. However, I’ve witnessed a lot of launches fail when certain speakers, trainers and coaches try to go at it on their own. There could be a lot of reasons for a failed launch, usually it’s a collection of a lot of small reasons but below are the big 5 underlying problems that I’ve discovered why launches fail. This is taken from both my own learning curves and simply […]

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How To Get Interviewed Every Day During Your Launch


If there is one hindering factor to the success of a launch for an online course, event or coaching program it is – Attention. How many eyeballs can you get watching your launch. There are other factors such as copywriting, the offer, the timing, the sequence and so on. However, nothing begins until people see your launch. There are many ways to generate attention for your launch. This can range from advertising, to content, to giveaways all the way to joint venture partners. While these are great options they do require you to manage the process, usually daily. If it […]

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8 Conversion Hacks To Triple The Sales Of Your Events, Courses And Coaching Programs


Selling out your upcoming event, online course or coaching program is a big concern for many speakers, coaches, authors and trainers. The idea of tracking conversion rates and trying to adjust the sales messages or the landing pages or the content videos or the email follow ups can be a bit daunting. I don’t recommend trying to increase your sales this way. It’s time consuming and can have little effect on your overall conversions. I also don’t recommend dropping your price, despite that many speakers, coaches and trainers feel that this is why their program is converting it usually isn’t. […]

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5 benefits of doing a “LAUNCH” over a “FUNNEL”


In the world of internet marketing and generating sales for your next event, coaching program or online course it wouldn’t come to a surprise that you may need to build yourself a funnel. A way to attract customers through a lead magnet, qualify them, adds value and converts them at will. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of funnels. I’ve got a track history for creating several original funnels from the ground up that haven’t been done before with outstanding results. I LOVE FUNNELS. However I also love launches and depending on the type of live event, coaching program […]

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Facebook Advertising – Which Hour Converts More?


When was the last time you were awoken at 3 am and you made a life altering decision? Hopefully, not too often. However I’m currently witnessing a trend of many entrepreneurs simply running their adverts on 24 seven “hands free mode autopilot mode”. If you really want to optimize your Facebook advertising to generate the biggest bang for your bucks, you need to be paying attention to what times convert best. While Facebook is a massive source of traffic and there is an “unlimited” source of it, simply advertising 24 hours a day doesn’t mean that you’re going to generate […]

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