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As a professional marketer, Jamie Stenhouse currently runs online and offline training’s in the domain of business growth, marketing strategies and the entrepreneurs journey. Coaching tens of thousands of business owners globally in how to grow their business online and overcome adversity in their own journey. Jamie’s training’s are both deeply informative and inspiring.

market-titans-agency-bigJamie is also interviewed consistently on the topic of entrepreneurship and business growth where he shares his 8 years of experience as a leading marketer and now the founder of Market Titans Agency which specialise in generating clients for service professionals, coaches and trainers.

Among the topics and strategies that Jamie is requested to speak about he’s able to move the crowd into action through his simple clear cut thinking and his track history real life client examples.

While Jamie still has a speaking stutter he’s able to use it as an example of what can be done when you apply yourself and use your obstacles as advantages.

His speeches, interviews and video content have been labeled as both “powerful” within the business growth space and “inspiring” within the personal development and entrepreneurship space.

Jamie is all about the personal connections with the audience and is evident in every speech he delivers. Able to speak on short notice anywhere in the world Jamie will leave you audience engaged, motivated and begging for more.

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Jamie Stenhouse Bio:

I’m Jamie Stenhouse. I’m a marketer, a serial entrepreneur, founder of
Market Titans Agency and an artist at heart.

I began my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 when I dropped out of high due to avoiding every speaking situation possible in the attempt to hide my stutter. After dropping out, I had to do something to keep myself busy. I planned for a life of ‘never speaking’ again and decided to professionally hide behind a computer for the rest of my life. With that choice, I studied a 3-year course in IT and Multimedia whereby the plan was to avoiding ever speaking and forever hide my stutter!

After I finished my 3 years at TAFE, I quickly discovered that every employer needed someone who could speak to clients, handle the help desk, manage the front of the office and so on. In other words, my plans for ‘professionally’ not speaking were foiled. I had to find a way to generate some income without using my voice…at all costs – and then came a turning point.

I began to read, study, learn, and practice everything I could about generating clients, who needed my skill-set, online without using my voice, thus the dive into Internet marketing began. I studied email marketing, PPC, conversion tactics, copy writing, social media, the physiology of marketing, and more.

Some people enter an industry because they enjoy it, some people enter an industry because it pays well, but I felt like I was being forced into mine because of my stutter.

I quickly found my footing in generating clients for myself, which led to the launch of my web design agency in early 2009. Towards the end of 2009 I was inspired to launch a fashion label (my second business), which was successfully stocked in retail outlets several months later.


(The first set of business cards and the first retail run of the clothing line)

Then in 2013, I began generating attention for my newfound momentum and started to share what I knew about marketing, business growth and entrepreneurship with the masses. Since then, I’ve helped generate customers online across 70+ industries and have personally worked1 on 1 with over 150 businesses spanning from startups to multi-million-dollar brands. I usually spend each month in a different city working with clients or like-minded business friends developing an idea.


To be honest though, while I’m excellent at marketing, I actually see myself as an artist – a person who envisions an idea and brings it to life in the real world.
The avenue for this is business, and the result of this happens to be whichever product or service I’m delivering at the time. It started with a web design agency, then a fashion label, then my private clients’ projects, and now my own personal brand through jamiestenhouse.com.

I feel I’m one of the rare marketers out there who can actually strategize and then execute everything from the graphic design to the copy writing, video editing to web design, social media to email marketing, and right down to the media coverage. Rather than losing the concurrency of the idea through outsourcing, I’m always able to deliver a level of excellence that I’ve found no team can duplicate.

I’ve worked behind the scenes to launch mainstream brands within hospitality, books, fashion, entertainment, publishing, events and countless more.

Peter F. Drucker once said that “Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.”  I couldn’t agree more. The innovation to create something new and the marketing to bring it out to the masses, everything else is a support system.


Every action I do, follows the process of creation, it’s an art. The ability to lead and create is what I think business is all about. My goal has always been to create products that become the ambition of other people. Whether that be through my clients, another business I own or through my personal brand. The goal and the theme are the same. Create, create, create!

It’s my goal, via every interaction you have with me, to provide you with value that is going to lead you to a place where you’re going to win. Whether it be through a solution that I can provide you through our collaboration, showing you a different approach that may shift the direction of your business or a simple sentence that might help you to think in a different way. My goal is to provide you with a level of depth in our interactions.

I believe that a successful businessperson has an uncontrollable hunger, a natural momentum and a gift to look at situations differently. They know that the learning never stops. They know that as soon as they stop progressing forward somebody else will come along and challenge them for their position. I believe in quality not quantity, so if you’re going to be putting in the work, why not put in your best work and turn pro?

Through my videos, programs and products you’ll learn practical tactics from me that will help you generate customers online while also inspiring you to do more in every aspect.