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How To Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Advert For Less


There are many factors that can influence the success of your Facebook campaign at any given time. These range from the image, the targeting, the copy, the placement, the bid price and so on. However one element that usually gets overlooked and rarely split-tested is the headline.
While the headline is not the largest attention grabber for a prospect within the newsfeed or even the right hand column, it does tell them what to expect before they click through. When I’m talking about the headline, I’m referring to this section here:


Here’s why the headline matters.

A strong headline for your Facebook advert could generate more clicks which in turn would increase your click through rate (also known as your CTR). Then with a higher click through rate, that would tell Facebook that people LIKE your advert since there is a large number of their users clicking on it. From there Facebook would reward your advert by showing it to more people for less spend.

In case you didn’t know. Facebook rewards good advertisers. Facebook is all about the user experience. If your advert is enjoyable and the target audience is clicking on it more and more than Facebook likes that. Facebook likes it that their users like your advert, so they’ll drop the cost per click for you or cost per engagement. This will allow you to see better results with lesser budget.

Now back to the headlines. Better headlines within your Facebook advert can equal more clicks. More clicks means a lower cost per click which would equal to you getting more bang for your bucks on Facebook advertising platform.

In regards to what is the magic headline that causes all prospects across every industry ever to stop what they’re doing and click through right away? I don’t have that, sorry.

What I do have are my 3x best headline frameworks that I’ve used across my own businesses, several product launches and of course my clients’ 1 on 1 campaigns.

“How TO YAY without boo”

This is the most common headline that you’ll see within the guru or expert space. It’s short, punchy and very simple to consume for the prospect. The framework for this is quite simple, how to get the thing they want while avoiding what they don’t want. An example would be “How To Lose 17 kg Without Ever Going To The Gym”.

The thing they want is of course to lose weight. The thing they don’t want is to actually have to work for it.

Now you need to ensure that your headline does actually match the claim of your business, product or service but this framework generally works across every industry.

“How to Y in Z”

This is one of my favorite frameworks to go to whenever I release a how to training program that is based around a single result. You simply explain how to get the result within z timeframe or z steps. An example which I’ve used is “How To Sell 350 Products Online Within 30 Days”.

You can also super-size this headline by adding the “free” element to the beginning of it. This would look something like “Free X Shows How to Y in Z“. If we were to fill this out, it would look like “Free Training Shows How To Sell 350 Products Online Within 30 Days”.

“X shows Y even if Z”

Now we’re getting a little bit more complex with this framework. This framework isn’t used as much because of the slight increased complexly of it. However I still find its extremely powerful and quite straightforward.


This is powerful because one of the reasons that someone will not click on your advert is due to the little voice in their heads that comes up with an instant objection. “Oh I couldn’t do that” or “I’ve already tried that before”.

This headline aims to combat that! If you know what objections your prospects have you can really see a large increase in your clicks generated through Facebook advertising.

An example of this could be “Free Report Shows How To Build A Hobby Based Business Even If You’re Completely New To Selling”.

In this example the instant objection is “But I can’t sell, how I am meant to make a business out of my hobby”. Once again, the word FREE does not have to be used. The point is that you need to be able to communicate your outcome clearly while understanding what is holding your prospect back from clicking through.

Those 3 headline frameworks are my go-to elements when I begin advertising anything new.

Once I begin to see traction within the campaign I begin using more complex headlines from a library that I’ve pre-written. This is the same library that my clients, my students and I use for Facebook advertising which can be found within my Traffic Atlas program. Traffic Atlas is designed for entrepreneurs who sell online courses, consulting, training or coaching online and provides the steps to generate customers online globally through Facebook advertising.

A few final thoughts on writing headlines for Facebook advertising.

The headlines do matter, not as much as the image but they definitely hold their weight when it comes to increasing the amount of traffic you drive to your website and how much that traffic costs you. Remember, a better advert = more clicks = a lower cost per click.

Here is a little cheat-sheet that embodies the core elements of the above 3 headline frameworks. Feel free to print this out and stick it to your computer screen, as I do.

  1. Your headline should have one big, bold claim and almost unbelievable. The key word here is almost, you want it to grab their attention and spike their curiosity in some form.
  2. Your headline should contain a time limit of “result” / “outcome” / “your thing”.Example, get the result within 30 days. There needs to be an element of time attached to your headline.
  3. If you’re using the outcome + internal objection framework then handle the first, most common objection.There will be many objections along the path from prospect to customer but on your first interaction with that prospect, (the advert), handle the FIRST objection and let your landing page take care of the rest.
  4. Plant the seed of a better future within your headline.You can see this at play within my How To Sell 350 Products Within 30 Days example. Everyone in business knows how much their product sells for right? So when you say or ask that business owner, How Would You Like To Learn How To Sell 350 Products Within 30 Days, they usually can’t help themselves but to run those numbers in their head and paint a better future of more sales.

When it comes to headlines, it’s always best to start with one of these 3x frameworks, choose one and then generate 3x versions of the same headline using different trigger words or outcome phases.

Take a step back and then compare the 3 headlines against each other before you launch. Also if you want an insight into which headline works better for your market, why not write up a quick email and use the headline as the subject line to see the open rate that it generates.

If you’ve got a higher than normal open rate, then you know that you’re onto a winner



Jamie Stenhouse
Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specializes in assisting business owners and clients to generate customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind and high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena
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