Want to be the most tactical online entrepreneur in the room?

Here is my advanced training that will take your marketing skills to another level.

Designed on actual real world results and what is working RIGHT NOW for my private 1 on 1 clients across 70 different industries, my training programs are designed to lead you to a place where you’re going to actually win.

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Program Blueprint Planner – $32.00

Quickly Create Best-Selling Courses, Events & Coaching Programs

What it’s about: Go through this planner every time you want to create a best-selling online course, live event or coaching program to ensure a simple step by step creation of your program that customers actually get results from!

What is included: The 7 Page Product Planner That We Use To Craft Events, Online Courses And Coaching Programs That Generate Success Stories.  17 Best-Seller Profiling Questions To Help You Narrow Down On Your Ideal Customer Before You Start Marketing. The Customer Journey Timeline That Helps You Sequence And Framework Your Content Like Never Before. 6 Point Conversion Booster Checklist To Help You Increase Conversions When It Comes Time To Launch And Sell-Out Your Program


Facebook Advertising Checklist – $32.00

Predict The Profitability Of Every Facebook Campaign Before You Start

What it’s about: Go through this checklist every time you want to create a Facebook Advert and aim to meet all the 15 points to predict the “success” of your campaign BEFORE you launch!

What is included: 11 strategies that every Facebook campaign should follow in order to maxamise profit. 4 bonus features that can be used to further BOOST your return on investment from Facebook Advertising. 15 detailed descriptions on how to execute each point on the checklist so that you’re not left hanging


Launch Season 2.0 – $1,697

How To Sell Launch & Sell Out Programs For Coaches, Trainers, Speakers, Consultants & Authors.

What it’s about: Discover how to launch and sell out your next online course, event or coaching / mentoring program through a launch that elevates your brand and spreads your message.

What is included: 8 core modules that walk you through Jamie’s 10 phase launch sequence which he has been using to sell out his clients programs over and over. You’ll also receive access to his famous Template Vault so that you too can copy the exact same sales scripts, email campaigns and even Facebook adverts in order to duplicate his results. Finally to ensure you get a return on investment you’ll be given access to the private launch forum to have all of your questions answered and your launch elements reviewed.



Traffic Atlas – $1,497

How To Generate Customers Online In Any Industry Using Facebook Advertising

What it’s about: Designed for entrepreneurs, who sell online courses, consulting, training or coaching online, Traffic Atlas provides the steps to generate customers online globally through Facebook advertising

What’s included: What’s included: 10 core modules with 54 training videos that walk you through total newbie to facebook advertising powerhouse. 23 summary sheets that compile the key points in a “cheat sheet format” for you to quickly refer back too. $100,000 worth of actual case studies that you can copy + paste + deploy within your own business to start bringing in sales. Lifetime updates to the ever growing library of ‘money-getting tactics’ in module 10.



Tripwire Blueprint – $597.00

How To Sell 350 Products Online In 30 Days

What it’s about: This is the exact process my celebrity clients follow to sell 350 products within 30 days. Get it, implement it, and watch the results.

What is included: 4 Core Modules with 30 training videos that walk you through the entire set up and launch process from start to finish. Pre-Written Emails that you can COPY + PASTE + SEND to your list to start bringing in sales. 9 Templates that you can copy from my clients exact campaign to duplicate their results. How To Make $15,000 (even if you have a small list and a cheap product). A list of Our Top Performing Facebook Adverts that you can model, study and even copy.



70xLeads – $497.00

How To Turn 70% Of Your Cold Traffic Into Leads

What it’s about: My 70x Leads program takes you behind my private 1 on 1 clients highest performing landing pages.

What is included: 8 training videos on to build landing pages that convert cold traffic into leads at 70%. The official “steal my landing pages” swipe file that allows you to copy what has worked across multiple industries. 3 pre-programmed optmise press templates that allow you to skip the training, upload the templates and fill in the blanks



The Invisible Pitch Training – $297

24-hour $4,000 Case Study

What it’s about: The Invisible Pitch is by far THE BEST way to generate a large amount of sales within 24 hours through social media with little to no downside.

What is included: The Invisible Pitch Training Video so that you can understand the mental triggers and how to apply the campaign to business today. 3x Swipe Files that you can COPY + PASTE + POST that have generated over $6,000 between them from a single Facebook Post each. 1x Fill In The Blank Template that you can use to create your own Invisible Pitch base on what is actually working online. 1x Fill In The Blank “Closing Script” which will enable you to actually close sales within hours after posting your Invisible Pitch online.


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