I have been generating customers online for my clients and building their businesses since 2009. In that time I have personally worked with clients across 70+ different industries.

I’ve brought multiple businesses to market, all of which have been extremely profitable. I’ve been behind wildly successful product launches, which have seen returns of over 10,000% in a matter of weeks. I’ve worked 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses. More than likely, I’ve helped a business push a product that you’ve probably bought.

The following are examples of recent projects that I’ve been involved in.



An 8-week online training program that was aimed at helping its students to take their idea of a book from their heads and bring it into the real world.
This product was launched from scratch with no list, no prior brand built around the product name and with a very minimal advertising budget. Within 3 weeks the course was completely sold out, which led to several re-openings of the program at a later date re-using the marketing materials that were created for the initial launch.




Inspiration Bible: The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide give-pack project devoted to uplifting humanity.
Inspiration Bible aims to be the much-needed beacon of love and wisdom to help bring people through their darkest moments and raise them up to lives the life they dream. Focusing on a buy 1 give 1 model, we were able to launch this project across 15 countries with a record number of sales.




The Book Within You: Working with an author to launch their new book and generate profits through back-end sales.
Revealing a lifetime of personal experience and a deep love of writing combined with over 7 years of professional track-record working in the space of books, blogs, articles, and more, The Book Within You is packed with Emily’s genius and insights on how to successfully start, write and finish your masterpiece.

I’m all about joining the dots of what’s possible in the real world of business through the use of innovative marketing, world-class branding and a relentless pursuit towards a common goal. I pride myself on generating revenue for my clients while providing their customers with a stellar buying experience.

Below are a handful of the brands and clients that I have worked 1 on 1 with over 70+ different industries.





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