Writing Headlines That Absolutely Crush It.


Headlines are one of those things that can make or break your marketing. The headline is usually the first thing that people read. Think of headlines as a title. It’s the introduction that is meant to capture peoples interest, connect with them and drive them to keep reading. The front page of the newspaper is usually filled

with some massive dramatic or highly positive headline which captures people into buying the paper.

Over the last few weeks Ive been working on a launch for a client of mine. During the process of the launch we had to come up with a few headlines that were going to absolutely crush it. The headlines were to be used on his website, email marketing and facebook page in order to generate sales.

There are a lot of techniques to come up with headlines that absolutely crush it but I’m

going to explain the method I used below.

A general must for generating a headline is that it should be a good pattern interrupt. Something that makes the reader stop in their tracks and say “Wait, what, I have to read more”. How ever it just can’t be a random headline, it has to relate to your market. Your headline has to connect with your target market other wise they wont want to read on.

So what will relate to your market and interrupt their normal patten of thought so much that they will want to read more? Define 3 problems in your market and reverse it into a headline using power words.

Here is an example from my client which you may have already seen. My client is promoting another sell out event in the personal power and peak performance field – The next Tony Robbins if you will. We had to come up with a headline to kick everything off and to drive people to his event page. I sat down and defined the 3 problems that his target market is facing.

They didn’t have enough time to do the things they wanted to do.
They were always struggling with money or earning just enough to pay the bills
They are having trouble getting into shape or their body isn’t where they want it to be.
After defining these 3 problems I began generating a very targeted headline that suited his market. A headline that would cause his market to say “Well yes, that sounds like it is for me.” The headline we came up with is as follows.
“How to have a stupid amount of free time with unstoppable health and too much cash that you don’t know what to spend it on”.
Needless to say it was a great title and headline and brought in fantastic numbers for the launch. We are still using it now in his marketing so hopefully you will see it around the place.How ever this wasn’t the first version which we came up with. The first version was something along the lines of.
“How to have more free time with a healthy body and more money”

While that still defines the problems in the market how average does that sound? The secret is to use power words. Words that create emotion within your market, paint a picture in the mind of the reader but most importantly interrupt their pattern by using words that aren’t commonly heard.

Next time you need a title for a flyer campaign, or a website page or even the subject of an email try defining the problems in your market and using power words to come up with a headline that will absloulety crush it!

Jamie Stenhouse
Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specializes in assisting business owners and clients to generate customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind and high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena
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