Importance of product videos


I don’t really like basketball

How ever this video appeared on my facebook newsfeed. Its an online store that sells prints of your favorite NBA moments. They are called – RankInk NBA ART.

RareInk have put together this video which showcases their product, its a perfect example of a power product video. So powerful that EVEN I clicked through to their website and had a creep around.

This video uses a number of powerful triggers
– Shows you how to “use the product”
– Shows the end outcome of the product (hanging on the wall looking amazing)
– Shows the attention to detail
– Shows the features (hanging hooks ect)
– Shows you their whole range, generating the notion to purchase more than one.

Jamie Stenhouse
Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specializes in assisting business owners and clients to generate customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind and high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena
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