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How To Get Interviewed Every Day During Your Launch


If there is one hindering factor to the success of a launch for an online course, event or coaching program it is – Attention.

How many eyeballs can you get watching your launch. There are other factors such as copywriting, the offer, the timing, the sequence and so on.

However, nothing begins until people see your launch.

There are many ways to generate attention for your launch. This can range from advertising, to content, to giveaways all the way to joint venture partners.

While these are great options they do require you to manage the process, usually daily. If it be adjusting your advertising, pushing new content or simply reminding JV’s to send emails on certain days.

An over looked approach by most coaches, speakers, and trainers is one that the “big name gurus” use whenever they release a new online course, live event or coaching program. That is online interviews.

It goes without saying that online interviews are great. They position YOU as the expert on someone ELSE’S platform to a brand NEW audience talking about YOUR content.

Best of all, they’re usually evergreen.

I’ve done interviews in the past whereby I’ll get pulled up on the street by a stranger saying they listened or watched an interview of me just the other week with me…. despite that the interview they were referring to was from over a year ago.

It happens all the time. Interviews will pay you in attention well after they were conducted.

Most bloggers or interviewers will even re-post previous interviews or re package them as articles or audios well after the interview was taken. This creates a somewhat evergreen effect of traffic that, if planned ahead, you could drive straight into an evergreen launch.

Needless to say, interviews are great for a launch, live or evergreen.

During a live scenario you can time all the websites that interviewed you to release their content all at the same time or during the same week. This can create quite a viral effect whereby the marketplace just keeps seeing your name again and again.

You see this executed a lot with new authors when they are about to release a new book. It works. Take note.

Interviews are a fantastic way to generate attention, elevate your brand and drive an influx of prospects into your launch funnel who have already heard about you on someone else’s platform that they trust.

Many speakers, consultants and trainers feel like online media interviews are only for the “select few”. Or even worse, they sit around waiting to be interviewed, waiting for the content starving blogger or Youtube channel to discover you.

While this can happen (if you’re lucky) it’s much better to actively go out into the marketplace and drum up interviews for the upcoming launch of your new program.

I’ve helped many clients to generate interviews with dozens of online media channels across the globe all at the same time for their launch. From there the interviewer would usually have a set theme which aligns with my client and the client funnels the traffic at the end of the show into their launch.

So here’s how you do that.

1) The List

The first step you need to do is make a list of every other expert, thought leader or “guru” within your industry that has the reach and audience that you desire to connect with.

For example: If you’re in the personal development space it could include Tony Robbins, John Demartini etc, if you’re in the marketing space like me, then it could include people like Frank Kern, Eben Pagan and so on.

The point is make a list. It can be 5 or 10 names long, don’t go too crazy otherwise you’re going to overload yourself with a lot of work during the next step

2) The Research

From there you simply go to and type in *EXPERT NAME* Interview.


This will generate tens if not hundreds of websites, Youtube channels, radio stations, blogs and other websites that have interviewed the said guru in the past.

This is pure gold.

This tells us that these websites have a track history of interviewing people who talk about your content because they have an audience that craves that content.

In short, you’ve just discovered a list of media outlets that need to supply a content hungry audience with more content.

Take note of these websites, you can compile them into an excel document 1 by 1.

When I did these we had close to 300 media outlets listed that we could approach. It was a task and it was time consuming but it does pay off in the end. I suggest making note of the websites contact page or the website and the email address associated with them.

3) The Pitch

So now we have our list of Youtube channels, blogs, radio stations, online shows and other online media outlets that have a track history of interviewing people on your topic of expertise. Now we need to reach out to them.

This is where people get all caught up in their head. They say to themselves, who am I to simply reach out, put the spotlight on myself, share my message and request and interview.

The simple fact is, who are you not to?

If you’ve got a message to share and lives that you want to impact that it’s your duty too.

Also, keep in mind, and this is big….these media outlets need content, it is their lifeblood. Without content their website hits drop and they’re unable to grow their own list, sell advertising or generate affiliate sales.

By you activity going out and requesting interviews direct with the source, you’re doing them a favour by saving them time, energy and resources as if they were going to go out and hunt for the next story.

Also you’re helping them keep their audience engaged and you’re helping them make money.

It’s a win / win for everyone.

However, you simply cannot just message them and say “hey, interview me, I’m really cool”. That most likely won’t work. If it does, please correct me 😉

You need to be intelligent in how you approach this and you need to make it as easy as possible for the media outlet to say yes.

I’ll say that again – Make it easy for the media outlet to say yes.

The best way is to craft an “offer” for the interviewer. I usually suggest to my clients that they design 3 to 5 topics that they are confident in being interviewed about.

This helps out the media outlet because they don’t need to think of theme or figure out the angle for the interview. You simply provide them with a list of topics / angles ideas that you think would suit their channel / show / blog.

Of course, ensure that these topics are actually linked to the content that you teach and that the media channel as a track history of interviewing people on.

From there you craft the “special gift”.

For each of those topics you should create a bonus, ideally a 1-3 page .PDF that is related to that topic. This acts as a deal sweeter that aims to put you apart from everyone else.

That way when do go to contact the media platform, you reference  that X expert has been interviewed on her before and you look up them as a mentor / you feel that your content aligns greatly with theirs.

And you’ve already thought up of several angles of content that you think their audience would love. AND you’ve created a pdf download that goes with each of those angles.

This takes a lot of the work off the interviewer and even provides them with a free gift (the pdf) that they can provide to their audience which makes THEM look even cooler to their list and provides value to their audience.

It has to be a win / win.

If its not at least a win / win then it should be unfair in your favor. You should be giving most of the value and putting in most of the work with these media platforms.

I think this goes without saying but it also helps if you actually study / watch / follow several of these media platforms for several weeks before hand so that you can get a feel for their style and their content.

From there you just roll through your list, personalizing each message and acquiring as many interviews as possible. If you approach this correctly there is no reason you could not have an interview every day during your launch campaign of your online course, live event or coaching program.

What would that do for your brand beyond your launch?

A final recap. Find online media outlets that have a track history of interviewing people on your topic.

  • Craft 3-5 topic ideas / hook angles that you could provide value on.
  • Create a gift for their audience.
  • Begin pitching yourself to these media outlets and offer your time / energy in anyway possible to make it easier for them to simply say “yes”.

Good luck!

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Jamie Stenhouse
Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specializes in assisting business owners and clients to generate customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind and high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena
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