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10 Elements To Create A ‘Golden Touch’ Lead Magnet.


Lead magnets are needed to grow any online business. They provide the business with the ability to capture new prospects and begin building a relationship with them. However not all lead magnets are equal. There’s a fine line between providing pure crap and actually giving value in terms of a result.

Below are my thoughts on what creates a golden touch lead magnet.

A lead magnet what when people opt-in for, they are inspired, uplifted and more likely to take action on your next request within the funnel.

1) It has to be incomplete.
Too many people try to “deliver the most value” and simply end up giving it all away to the point where the prospects feel that they don’t need you (even if they never do it on their own). While I’m a big believer in moving the free line and building goodwill I also understand that a lead magnet needs to be incomplete.

It needs to show them the WHAT without uncovering the HOW. It needs to begin the journey of discovery but leave them saying “what’s next” or “how can I get started doing this”. To which, hopefully your product or service provides the rest of the information or delivers them with their dream outcome.

2) The 10 minute rule
This is another element that gets lost while trying to add value. Adding information is not adding more value. Getting a result for the prospect is adding value. And with the more information you add into your lead magnet, the longer it’s going to take them to consume and the longer it’s going to take them to see a result. Hence, no value was never really provided.

This is why I’m so against providing an eBook or a full video course as a lead magnet. It’s just too long and in today’s short attention marketplace, it’s not going to develop the relationship you need in order to convert the lead at a later date. Content is not value if it’s not consumed.

3) Discover their problem OR discover a better future.
Linking this back again to just purely loading the prospect with information, it needs to do 1 of 2 things. It needs to help the prospect discover that yes, I do have a problem and this can be achieved through well-crafted thought provoking information or a system that allows them to diagnose themselves rather than you forcing your product onto them.

The other approach is that you need to move the prospects towards their dream outcome, whatever that may be. You can also give them a ‘temporary win’ which shows them what their life could look like if they were to work / purchase with you.

4) 1 specific problem
Your lead magnet needs to fix 1 specific problem. It needs to have one message for a single group of people. If you serve different segments of your marketplace then create a lead magnet for each.

Don’t try to fix the main problem and supporting problems while also trying to move them towards their dream, they’ll get overwhelmed and will feel like none of the information is really useful since it will be lost in context.

Focus on the first problem that the prospect is facing, your lead magnet attempts to fix that problem which would then lead it down the rabbit hole of your next call to action and further towards the sale of your product / service.

5) Meet your prospects where they are
It needs to meet the prospects where they are, today. If your lead magnet is too far down the journey of the outcome, they’re going to feel like it’s not achievable or that it doesn’t apply to them. I’ve spoken before about this concept in this video here:

6) Real world space
This is an extremely powerful point. If you can take up space in the “real world” you’re more likely to win. Providing people with a template or a checklist which they can print and use in the real world is worth more because it becomes physical.

Think planner, or template or worksheets. Something that requires them to actually print it and have your content and your brand in the physical world. A physical lead magnet will always hold more weight in the mind of the prospect than anything digital

7) Different commutation angles of your main product.
Look at different communication angles of your main product. For example, can you package up each of the main features into a lead magnet? This ensures that there are many entry points and flavors for your prospect to taste.

Rather than just marketing down 1 channel you’re allowing prospects to click and choose depending on what interests them. This also allows you to market to different segments based on where they are in their journey to achieve their ideal outcome. This can also provide you with AMAZING insights as to which lead magnet gets more traction thus allowing you to sell more of your product from that angle in the future.

If we take my signature Facebook Advertising training course, Traffic Atlas – I can create several lead magnets for that. Including a Facebook Checklist, a review of my 10 best adverts, and a swipe file of winning headlines, copy-writing frame works, and templated images to use and so on. They’re all different entry points with everything leading to Rome.

8) It needs a good name
As much as I wish this wasn’t true, it is. Prospects value the name and the visual appeal of a lead magnet. It needs to sound attractive while also making sense in the prospects’ minds. Sometimes a change in headline is all a lead magnet needs to convert. I call this hook writing which is summing up what your thing does in as little words as possible. In this article I talk about different headline frameworks that you can copy for anything.

9) Your marketplace is lazy.
OK so not just your marketplace, but everyone. People are lazy in general. If you can take out most of the work for them through your lead magnet then you’re going to make it easier and quicker for that prospect to experience some level of a result through your brand. Think “fill in the blank” style for a lead magnet.

10) The gold could be in the questions
Your most common client or customer questions before someone enrolls into your event could be a fantastic lead magnet.

It closes the gap between the prospect and the sale through the pathway of their questions or objections. If you can package that up you may be able to trigger a large windfall of sales quickly through your lead magnet.

When you go to create your next lead magnet, try using these 10 elements to generate a golden touch style lead magnet that actually elevates your total sales.


Jamie Stenhouse
Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specializes in assisting business owners and clients to generate customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind and high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena
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