Fail safe marketing for web stores


Online stores are constantly facing challengers from every direction.

New competitors who enter price wars, extremely savvy customers and of course a google search page filled with dozens of other options related to the customer’s needs.

Most online stores drive traffic to their web store using SEO or PPC. In which case they are always aiming for the one outcome.

Get. That. Damn. Sale.

I want to introduce into a fail safe marketing. It’s nothing new but it ensures that your web store has the greatest chance to service online.

Right now if your business model sounds something like the above then it’s time to look beyond just the sale. Did you know it takes the average prospect 12 exposes to your business until they make a buying decision? And let’s be clear, a buying decision usually consists of a yes or unfortunately a no.

Here is how you look beyond the sale and create a fail safe marketing plan. You simply need other options. There are 3 draw cards for fail safe marketing when it comes to web stores.

Draw card 1: The “voucher”

I’ve expressed my thoughts on using a voucher as a lead generator quite a lot in the past and there’s a good reason for that. If somebody is on your website, viewing your single product you are giving them to choices. Buy or don’t buy and maybe never ever come back to your website ever again.

Why don’t we give them a third choice? A choice of, “Hey, we see you’re looking at this product. Why don’t you give us your contact information and we will send you a voucher for this exact product”.

Any prospect, even if just browsing loves a good deal and the benefit to your business is now you can draw them back to your website. It’s no longer a game of buy or don’t buy. It now begins to move into the realm of buy, don’t buy or buy later.

Draw card 2: Re-targeting adverts

it shocks me how many web stores do not use re-targeting on their single product pages. And it shocks me how aggressive massive companies push their re-targeting adverts. Simply put. If somebody comes to your website, goes to a product category and then clicks on a product.

Logic would suggest that they’re pretty qualified. Again they would have been faced with buy or don’t buy. However now they’re faced with buy, don’t buy or buy later thanks to draw card 1.

When you add draw card 2 into the mix things begin getting quite interesting. Suddenly if they leave your website for whatever reason they will begin to see that exact same product appear in their news feed on facebook, or in the right hand column, or maybe on the CNN website as a re targeting banner advert. Whichever the approach for re targeting the point is that they are being reminded about what they were looking at previously.

Most importantly when you stack draw card 1 and draw card 2 the like hood of them coming back to your website is massive.

It now becomes a game of buy, don’t buy, buy later or buy within the next 7 days.

Draw card 3. The exit offer.

While I don’t see this as often on web stores I still think it can help to increase your overall sales throughout the year.

When somebody lands on your website they see your product and an option to claim a voucher through a pop up form. If for some reason they don’t want a voucher (the fools) they will get re targeted right away on whatever website they visit next. So let’s assume that they decide to leave the website, as their mouse scrolls up towards the corner of the website a nifty little software tracks the movement that looks like they’re about to exit.

A second pop up form appears with a compelling offer. Maybe it’s a higher value coupon. Maybe it’s a free product. Maybe it’s a 3 for 1 deal. Whichever the approach the goal here is to create a compelling offer that captures their contact information so that we can follow up with them later OR even convert them right on the spot if they take us up on the offer.

When you stack all these 3 draw cards you begin to create a fail safe marketing plan for your web store.

A plan whereby now the only goal should be increasing your traffic flow to the website because all of your product pages are now working to maximise the value of every visitor through lead generation, re targeting and of course exit popups.



Jamie Stenhouse
Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specializes in assisting business owners and clients to generate customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind and high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena
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