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5 benefits of doing a “LAUNCH” over a “FUNNEL”


In the world of internet marketing and generating sales for your next event, coaching program or online course it wouldn’t come to a surprise that you may need to build yourself a funnel.

A way to attract customers through a lead magnet, qualify them, adds value and converts them at will. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of funnels. I’ve got a track history for creating several original funnels from the ground up that haven’t been done before with outstanding results.


However I also love launches and depending on the type of live event, coaching program or online course that you’re planning to launch and sell out. You may want to opt for doing a launch rather than a standard funnel.
When creating  launch to sell out your next live event, online course or coaching program running a launch has several distinct benefits over a funnel.

1) A highly engaged list.

If you approach your pre-launch content correctly and structure your launch in a way so that it is seen everywhere, all the time, all at the same time, through emails, social media, their friends and re-targeting advertising, then you’re going to be generating a highly engaged email list.

Leads who would have joined your email list to watch a free video training series, who are interacting within the comments section, asking questions, emailing you directly and sharing the video with their friends.

See unlike a funnel a launch is an event, a live event where the energy throughout the campaign is exciting and builds a certain level of suspense that leads to a high volume of profit. A launch list is the best kind of list to build.

2) A perfect market message fit.

If you do it correctly, you’ll have a perfect market and message fit.

There’s a reason why launches are able to sell out live events, coaching programs and online courses. Assuming you’ve done it correctly, the start of the launch campaign has a clearly defined lead magnet for a clearly defined audience, both of which are stated in the headline / the hook point of the whole launch.

The video series are all geared towards one type of prospect with a clearly defined problem. The emails are written to a clearly defined prospect who has a clearly defined problem.

Everything within a launch should always be congruent and should always be leading the perfect prospect down to the path of a sale. This is why during a launch we will see upwards of 30% conversion rates of our whole launch email list.

3) Influx of customers who become clients.

Unlike a funnel which tends to drip in customers every day, a launch tends to generate 2, 3 or even 4 months worth of customers within a single week. This seems to always be the result with my clients launches that I manage.

Best of all, those customers that came in during a launch usually end up ascending from the event, coaching program or online course and end up becoming highly profitable, long term private clients.

These types of clients are much more fun to handle, more invested into the outcome and are working with you directly rather than through your program which yields a higher return on investment for the client.

Then, once you’ve finished with those clients and customers (which may take anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks) you can roll out a the same launch again for your next intake. Launch, sell-out, serve and repeat.

4) A business asset.

While a launch is typically a live event you can actually structure it so that it can run on evergreen mode while appearing live. Every prospect who joins your launch will be going through the sequence at his/her own pace while still having a high level of engagement.

This means that once you create a launch and run it once and proven that it is profitable. You should go straight to work on moving it from a live campaign directly into an evergreen business asset.

An asset that you can bolt onto your business at the beginning or the end of any other campaign. An asset that you can turn on or turn off at will whenever you need an influx of sales. That’s the power of a launch.

5) An elevated brand in the marketplace.

The biggest benefit of running a launch campaign to sell out your live event, online course or coaching program is that you will definitely have an elevated brand during and after the launch.

I’ve seen it countless of times with my clients.

Whenever they begin to run a launch campaign the media picks them up for interviews, they close private clients outside of their launch and they get further opportunities for further joint ventures who suddenly come out of the woodwork.

Putting yourself out there, into the world through a launch is the quickest path to grow a brand and elevate your name within the marketplace. The simple reason behind this is that doing a launch campaign can be a daunting task, so daunting that people feel that it is reserved for the “selected few” experts only.

This isn’t true, if you have a message to share, content to teach and a direct line to the internet – then you’re able to benefit from a launch and sell out your next program.

While these are the core 5 benefits of doing a launch rather than a long tail funnel, I do still love funnels. I think they are needed within every business to access existing customers and sort out leads.

However if you’re wanting to hit it out of the park and reach new heights both with your brand, your message and financially then doing a launch campaign to sell out your event, online course or coaching program is the single most powerful approach for doing so.



Jamie Stenhouse
Jamie Stenhouse is an Entrepreneur and Marketer who specializes in assisting business owners and clients to generate customers online – in any industry. With a sharp mind and high value on creating profitable results in the online marketing arena
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